About The Artist - My Reflections...

I don’t create my sculptures because I’m happy, I am happy and content as I create my sculptures. I am fascinated and enchanted with the process of molding, pushing, rolling, and forming the clay into my female figures. As I manipulate the clay and the figures begin to emerge into appealing poses, I am awestruck at the results.

I use Phoenix clay to form my sculptures, which are usually between 12” to 24”, in realistic positions whether they are seated, standing, lying prone, or in action. Each hand built feminine form incorporates my love of fashion, textured material, yoga and ballet. My one of a kind sculptures are created to reflect a poised inner calm, self-confidence and a degree of sensitivity to engage the viewer.

I am inspired by marble artists who sculpted the illusion of veils, flowing drapes and graceful folds of fabric complimenting the line and form of the figures. Those artists challenged me to create those features in clay.

After a bisque firing, my sculptures are finished with glazes, paint, or bronze or silver patinas. I am rewarded with great personal pride when a person observes, interacts with, and identifies my sculptures with their own life stories. It is my passion to work with the clay to form the figures, and, in turn, it gives me great joy to share them with you. These “girls” come from my heart. They please me, and if a piece connects with someone else, then that is one more layer of happiness for me. Enjoy.

I have studied and taken many workshops with master sculptors through the years, but I consider myself mostly self-taught. Each teacher has encouraged me as they critiqued my work, and happily, I am making progress…one body at a time.

I have won a “Best of Show” award, have been juried into many exhibitions in Highlands, NC and St. Petersburg, FL, and am currently represented by galleries in Highlands and Cashiers, NC and in St. Petersburg, FL.

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